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Monday, December 20, 2004

TR/X-tenso Technician interview sheet....
Okay by demand I'm going to post the interview sheet here on my site, this will help give you an idea of the technician's qualifications, whether or not they understand what they are doing. As the client you are the one making the decisions, it is you who will TRUST that technician with your hair, so it is best to make a wise decision and go for consultations since they are almost always free (I have only known of one place that charges for the consultation but the money is credited to your service should you have it pay for the consultation and they remove that amount from the cost of the treatment if you get it done at that salon if you go elsewhere it is lost.....clients beware of going to places that charge)
Again this information can be found at and is the property of Steve Tcherkezian

We’ve learned that TR is a Thioglycolate chemical hair straightener. We also learned that the only difference between the conventional straightening technique (eg X-tenso)and unconventional TR technique is through compressed thermal heat generated from a flat iron. Therefore, you need a trained professional who understands the chemistry of chemical hair straightening and has used it for a while. A Certified TR stylists don’t mean much, because a certificate is handed by all the major TR companies such as Liscio and Yuko, after attending a one or two day seminar.
Permanent Solutions: As in all permanent decisions, this one is not to be taken lightly. A thorough client consultation is critical. Strand tests are a must and stylists should be aware of dubious treatment combinations.
Ask complete questions that concern you about this chemical service, and wait for complete answers. By doing so, you will be empowered to make the right decision.
Do you use different relaxers for Caucasian and African-Canadian hair?
Are you familiar with and have you used relaxers?
How long have you been doing sodium hydroxide, guanidine calcium hydroxide hair relaxing?
What is the name of the chemical straightener ingredient you’d be using on my hair?
Why did you choose to use this particular chemical relaxer/straightener/TR product?
What is the difference between sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide and thioglycolate straighteners?
Are there any precautions I should be aware of before and after a hydroxide hair relaxer?
How long have you been doing Thioglycolate hair straightening?
How do you affect the hair structure to go from curly to straight, chemically and thermally?
Is there a special technique using the ceramic flat iron during the TR process?
What is the cause of a “90 degree bend” while implementing the ceramic iron?
I heard that there is another kind of bend that occurs; when the hair is stretched or combed, the new growth could be pulled out of the pores causing a bend at the root. What causes that?
Are there any precautions I should be aware of before and after a thioglycolate straightening/TR?
What is the reason not to wet or shampoo the hair during the 48 to 72 hour after a TR service?
What does pH mean to me? Do you recommend I use a specific shampoo, conditioner and treatment products? What is the pH of these products?
Doing a hair relaxing/straightening/TR on hair that shouldn’t be done to begin with, how do you determine that?
Things to tell your hair stylist: All chemical processes, including previous hair straightening and chemical ingredients used in the process, non peroxide dye, color and/or camouflaged highlighted hair, henna treatment, medication and pregnancy for the past 12 months; this may affect the TR outcome. How well your hair has taken to previous chemical processes; this will help the stylist determine the current product’s intensity. And, any allergies you may have.
Copyright Steve Tcherkezian 2004.
I highly recommend looking at his site the FAQ's are wonderful and the complete information is there. I cannot possibly copy and paste everything he has there, so check it out!

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